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Reports issued by other investigation authorities

The BSU refers here to selected reports of other investigation authorities, in which the BSU participated.

23.09.2021Danish investigation report on occupational accident on board the SANTA CLARA on 7 February 2021
Investigation report DMAIB
15.10.2020French investigation report on the maritime accident of the sailboat MOMO in the southern channel of the Gironde estuary on 29 November 2018
Investigation report BEAmer
08.09.2020Swedish final report on the engine damage and fire of PETER PAN in the southern Baltic Sea on 9 July 2019
Final report SHK
04.03.2020Danish investigation report on the collision of WORLD BORA with RABA east of Rügen on 19 February 2019
Investigation report DMAIB
26.07.2017Dutch investigation report on the maritime accident of the Dutch passenger ship AMICITIA on 21 August 2016 in which three German passengers were killed by the breakage of the wooden mast
Investigation report DSB
15.07.2017Polish investigation report of the capsized and sunken sailing vessel DOWN NORTH with the death of a crew member off Usedom on 30 May 2015
Investigation report SMAIC