GSB 7.0 Standardlösung

Current Investigations of BSU

Status: 21.10.2020

Very serious casualty
Serious casualty
Less serious casualty
Other marine casualty

The accident investigations marked with * are carried out in cooperation with other affected states.

Ref.Name of vesselType of accidentLocationDate

Accident category

285/20Bulk carrier ELSEAllision with lock gateKiel Canal lock Kiel-Holtenau29.08.2020SC
282/20General cargo ship RUBINAGrounding after rudder failureWeser, Germany27.08.2020SC
261/20Passenger ship BERLINEngine room fireSea canal Rostock, Germany13.08.2020LSC
258/20Sailing yacht SHARKI*Foundering after contact with bouyElbe, Germany11.08.2020OMC
236/20Container ship
Fire in ME
scavenge air receiver
German Bight / Elbe 129.07.2020SC
182/20Training sailing ship DANMARKOccupational accidentBaltic Sea30.06.2020LSC
177/20General cargo ship SCHELDEBANK/ Ferry HOCHDONNCollisionKiel Canal08.05.2020LSC
74/20High speed passenger ship SEEWIND 1Occupational accident due to sea washWeser, Germany03.07.2020LSC
23/20Heavy cargo ship JUMBO VISIONCargo accidentRostock, Germany31.01.2020LSC
20/20Fishing vessel HELEN MARYFatal accidentInternational waters30.01.2020VSC
452/19Container ship SAJIRFatal accidentNingbo, China19.12.2019VSC
415/19Tanker THEMSESTERNOccupational accidentKiel Canal30.11.2019LSC
338/19General cargo ship KELLYEngine room fire/ loss of lifeElbe, Germany06.09.2019VSC
211/19Container ship ASTROSPRINTER/ Traditional ship NO. 5 ELBE CollisionElbe, Germany08.06.2019VSC
19/19General cargo ship MARFAAMOccupational accidentKiel Canal13.01.2019LSC
283/16Passenger ship BERLINAllision / Water ingress Gedser, Denmark30.07.2016LSC